By state law, all political committees must be registered in order for the sources of funds and recipients of payments to be disclosed. An unregistered Committee to Elect Brenda McMonagle was discovered because a bank check in 2022 from the McMonagle Committee was duly recorded as a contribution to Mayor Jackie Izzo.


All contributions and payments by the Jackie Izzo campaign show because her Committee is registered and reports are filed as required. Because the McMonagle Committee has never registered, there is no transparency and accountability about the sources of her political contributions and all payments made on her behalf. State law restricts who and how much money can be given, as well as limits to types and amounts of spending - for obvious conflict of interest or self-interest reasons.


In full disclosure, James Herchek has made properly reported campaign donations to the Jeff Lanigan for Mayor campaign.



Is Incumbent Republican Candidate Brenda McMonagle Not Filing Required Campaign Registration or Disclosure Reports for 2019, 2021 and 2023?

  1. The State of New York requires candidates to report the contributions they receive and the expenditures they make while pursuing election to public office in the State, including the office for County Legislator. 
  2. Everyone in NY who seeks public office is notified of the requirements for campaign finance disclosure. 
  3. Brenda McMonagle has sought and won Oneida County, District 12 Legislator office in 2019 and 2021, and is now seeking a third term in 2023.
  4. I am James Clayton Herchek, challenging Brenda McMonagle in the upcoming June 27th Republican primary for this position. 
  5. This is my first time running for public office in the State of New York. My campaign filer number is 320114. I believe I have correctly followed the requirements for filing as a candidate and submitted my first required campaign finance disclosure last week.
  6. Searches of the NYSBOE Electronic Filing System did not show any evidence of Brenda McMonagle being filed as a candidate in 2019, 2021, and 2023 or disclosing any contributions or expenses in these years.
  7. Evidence from the NYSBOE Electronic Filing System does show several contributions as both an individual candidate and through a political committee in her name.
  8. Candidate McMonagle has made contributions personally and through a candidate committee while pursuing office. There are no disclosures of the contributors providing the funds or in-kind services to her committee, or to her as a candidate individually reporting contributions and expenses. Does not the existence of a Committee to Elect Brenda McMonagle where transactions have occurred require a filing for that committee?
  9. Candidate McMonagle has, also, received campaign materials and advertising as reported by the Republican Oneida County Legislative Election Committee during her past campaigns. ONEIDA COUNTY LEGISLATIVE ELECTION COMMITTEE, FILER ID # 16381. It appears McMonagle may have received over $3,000 from this group. Are not in-kind or reimbursed contributions required to be disclosed?
  10. Time is of the essence in this matter.

It appears NY State Election Campaign laws have been violated. I respectfully request an investigation, determination, and enforcement action if these are indeed violations under the law.


Yours truly,


James C. Herchek

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