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Mr. Herchek is a registered Republican who once was a Democrat. A self-identified Constitutional Conservative, he seeks the support of all patriotic family-centered Republicans, Conservatives, Libertarians, Independents, and traditional Democrats who seek to conserve and pass on to future generations our great American legacy.


Herchek is for fairness and equality for all, but does not trust the woke movement. He sees the "Woke Madness" of the modern Democrat party, particularly in states like New York, California, and Illinois, as a growing Socialist-Marxist driven cultural movement attempting to discredit and alienate our traditional civic institutions and family values. Especially in the educational indoctrination of children, where radicalizing racial division, redefining male-female genders, breaking down traditional religious life, weakening our military, and stifling our cherished Right of Free Speech is becoming the norm. He believes this movement must be openly identified for what it is and soundly defeated because its goal is shattered societal alienation leading to national dictatorial one-party rule, as seen dramatically emerging now in New York and California. Woke madness promotes a destructive form of politics by a minority of left-wing radicals focused on tearing apart our society through shout-down cancel culture and sometimes outright violent anarchy. We can't sit this out and say nothing can be done about it. We must do all we can here in Oneida County. 


Herchek says reject left-wing tyranny with your vote right here at home to help keep the County, State, Nation, and Planet peaceful and prosperous.

What is a Constitutional Conservative

Constitutional Conservativism is a political and social philosophy based on principles of limited government, individualism, traditionalism, and republicanism. Not Republican as a political party, but as limited governmental power in specifically defined relationships providing checks and balances between federal and state entities among executive, judicial, and legislative branches at all levels. Limited powers are specifically delegated to the federal government in the U.S. Constitution, with those remaining left to the citizens of states and their duly created governments, including for state governments to further delegate powers and responsibilities to counties, cities, towns, and other political subdivisions within each state. 

Local and county government is exceptionally important under constitutional conservatism where local decisions regarding public needs and services are best understood and made most cost efficiently, under ideal normal conditions, by thoughtful locally elected representatives.

James Herchek is the thoughtful, sensible, and experienced person Rome needs on the County Board of Legislators.

Why Must We Cut Taxes

People are fleeing the State of New York due to exorbitant levels of taxation at both the state and local levels. We must cut taxes at both levels to turn our economy around. The prosperity created by jobs and business opportunities is economically driven by a productive citizenry in a free market economy. The New York trend against reasonably taxed productive prosperity is led by radicalized Democrats. It's easy to just blame those at the State and National levels, which are indeed responsible for the greatest share of the problem, but we must accept our responsibility to cut existing taxes and budgets and limit any further governmental expansion at the County level until the County population stops declining. Raising taxes on a declining population is foolish because it just keeps fueling the reasons to move away. We are all in this together, and we must start changing these destructive political trends right here at home. They keep killing this state. Unfortunately, many of our local leaders are reluctant to challenge the status quo. Voters must unite in electing leaders who unequivocally support across the board tax and budget reductions here in Oneida County in order to bring back population growth and traditional prosperity.


Herchek is ready, willing, and able to fight for tax reduction for the benefit of all Oneida County citizens, families, and taxpayers - existing and hopefully future. It's the only way to turn around our population and economic decline. We need free market principled decision-making to create and sustain lasting economic growth and prosperity. Cutting taxes in a politically robust, free speech and free market environment always results in real growth and prosperity.

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"I love the Constitution." 

Member of NY Constitutional Caucus.

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